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Advocate Program

What is the Advocate Program?
Advocacy is a way to publicly support Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion and recommend this policy in a visual way. When you or your company want to show support to the Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Project and make it publicly known, you can become a Advocate. 

We provide a seal for companies that exhibit their DE&I level and achievement. 

Advocates (companies/individuals) and Certification (companies). 


Anyone or any entity can become an Advocate. People, companies, organizations, that show support for this endeavor can become an Advocate. 

For companies: 

It is a beginning effort to understand how to be more aware and to show that you are a champion of DE&I. 

  • For Companies, Employers

    • Recruiting tool

    • Happier employees

    • Getting job done in more innovative way

    • Doing good work toward DE&I

    • Companies can showcase their work ethic and values

    • Employee retention

  • For Individuals

    • Potential investors for companies with a DE&I initiative

    • Seeking a happier and diversified workplace. 

    • Assist job seekers in finding companies with matched philosophy.​



Highlight companies that are certified or sponsors of this work

We create the “gold” standard by which these companies will be measured. 

How do we become a Advocate?
An Advocate is an individual or company that supports the DEI efforts by donating money. Money generated helps bring a DEI awareness and DEI ownership to companies seeking certifications. 
There are three levels of Advocacy:

Level 1. $1,500 Silver (click to apply) [links coming]
Level 2. $3,000 Gold (click to apply) [links coming]
Level 3. $5,000 Platinum (click to apply) [links coming]

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