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DEI Employer Certification

What is certification?

An employer can become designated as a Certified Employer Who Cares if they:

  • Document, communicate and support DEI conversations and goals within their own organization

  • Actively track progress towards their goals and know their key diversity metrics

  • Participate in conversations and efforts at the city level and above with the intention to help others achieve their goals

Level 1: Champion

Level 2: Stragegist

Level 3: Thought Leader

Apply below for your certification. You will need to provide documentation of your progress. 

Submit Fees through Paypal. 


Certified Employer Who Cares


  • The employer has assessed its current state of diversity, equity, and inclusion and defined key relevant metrics.

  • The employer has opened up the conversation to the organization with a goal of making diversity, equity, and inclusion a familiar, humanized, and safe topic to discuss in the workplace.

  • The employer is aware of a set of resources and tools that can be used to mature their DEI efforts and workplace ecosystem and can be used to reach specific goals.

  • The employer has documented a plan to reach a specified set of diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

  • The employer has designated a percentage of funds or a static dollar amount to address DEI issues.

  • The employer has implemented some or all of their plan.


Certified Employer Who Cares


  • Has met all criteria for the CHAMPION designation and the following

  • The employer has a system for actively tracking progress to their goals through their defined key metrics and comparing them to a baseline state.


Certified Employer Who Cares

Thought Leader

  • Has met all criteria for the STRATEGIST designation and the following

  • The employer has shared their efforts and outcomes to a wider audience outside of its organization, with the goal of encouraging other organizations to further their efforts and conversations.

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